Why Lease?

Obsolescence Protection Plus

Leasing offers built-in protection against obsolescence since you won’t be locked into declining technology. You can switch to the latest equipment when your lease expires or even during the course of your lease.

Single-Source Financing

We provide one source for all of your financing needs -- and expansion is easy with our master lease. By bundling financing for maintenance, installation, equipment, and software, your equipment selection and integration is as simple as possible.

Tailored Financing

Flexible financing options include customer-tailored billing cycles matched to your cash flow or budget requirements. Multiple end-of-lease options are available and include lease renewal, upgrade, purchase, or return.


We make leasing convenient, with minimal paperwork and easy-to-forecast payments. We also can issue purchase orders and make deposits to your vendors on your behalf.

Preserve Working Capital

By leasing, your working capital and bank lines of credit are preserved. This means you can invest your cash in high return opportunities and save your credit lines for other needs or to help reduce your operating deficiencies.

Tax Benefits

Certain lease structures allow monthly payments to be treated as operating expenses, making them tax deductible.

Hedge Against Inflation

Aggressive, fixed rate pricing protects you against inflation and allows you to buy systems today using tomorrow’s cheaper dollars.

Overcome Budget Restrictions

Non-debt financing helps you overcome capital budgeting process restrictions.

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