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Standard Programs

These are the most popular leasing structures used for financing of equipment, software, and furniture. They range from 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months (or longer). The end of lease options usually consist of a $1.00, a 10%, or a Fair Market Value option.

In many cases the Fair Market Value lease purchase option can be capped at 10%. This will give you the lowest monthly payment and the most aggressive tax deduction without having to worry about the high residual position at the end of the FMV lease.

Custom Programs

These leases are structured on a case by case basis after a thorough discussion with the client. Our discussion will address things like operating budgets, capital budgets, useful life expectation, tax appetite, and cash flow strategies.

We can then structure leases that feature things such as skip payments in the summer, no payments until the next fiscal year, lower payments until another significant asset is paid off, or a lease with a significant balloon payment at lease expiration. These structures go along way toward making a transaction take place today instead of some point in the future.


We have the ability to offer financing programs to state and local municipalities. We also provide financing programs to the Federal Government. All leases include the “funding out” provision required by these entities.

Business Lease

The business lease is for single purchases of equipment, furniture or software.

Master Lease

The master lease allows you to acquire assets necessary for today’s business needs and provides for a single vehicle for future acquisitions as well. The master lease also provides simplified billing, a single lease for multiple transactions, a single credit approval process, and financial savings due to the fact that each single transaction is priced with the total exposure in mind.

Sale Leaseback/Refinancing

Sale leaseback and refinancing options enable you to put cash back into your business and lower costs by consolidating existing financial obligations.

Purchase Options

$1.00 Buy Out – This option is intended for clients that know that they want to own the equipment at the end of the lease.

Fair Market Value – FMV offers lower monthly payments, provides the most flexibility when making the ownership decision, and the most significant tax advantages. In some cases we can cap the FMV option with a “not to exceed 10%” cap.

10% Purchase – This option offers lower payments and a pre-determined purchase price at lease expiration.

Software Only

We often provide clients with 100% software financing. This typically requires a $1.00 purchase option.

Used Equipment

All day long...


Fleet and single titled vehicles and non-titled vehicles.

Payment Types

Monthly, quarterly, annual, seasonal, and cash flow based.

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